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The Customer

The Customer

By August Conway - Feb 13, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 23425 The restaurant was only half full. I had expected better of a Thursday night, we were turning people back this time last week. I survey the tables making sure that my waitresses were not missing anything. I had managed the French restaurant for almost a year now and I prided myself on the service that my guests received.
Kate, one of my best waitresses, storms past me, muttering angrily to herself. Kate was normally friendly and hard working. It was unusual for her to be in a mood. She turns to me, flushed, and says “The guy on table 4 is a wanker.” She slams down the glasses that she had been carrying and repeats herself “WANKER.”
Normally I wouldn’t put up with my staff bitching about the clientele but then again, normally Kate wouldn’t. There was a very good chance that the guy on table 4 was a wanker. Monica, a shy girl who had only just started with me, nodded slightly but was not brave enough to voice her opinion.
I sigh and look over to table 4. The man sitting there was tall with dark hair, impeccably dressed and absolutely screamed of arrogance. Arrogance also points towards money and money kept this restaurant running. I look around the tables again. It was not busy and everything else seemed under control. Looking back at the handsome man I made a decision “Alright Kate, I will take over on table 4… PROVIDING that you lighten up a bit! You’ll scare people off with that face on!”
I was doing Kate a favour but, to be com completely honest, there was something very attractive about the man on table 4. Even from across the room you could feel his self assured presence.
Kate managed a slight smile and thanked me “You’ll see though! He really is horrible!”
It had been a while since I had served tables personally. It was almost a bit of fun to get back on the floor again. I straighten my skirt so that it sat snugly on my hip and with my best smile on, walk over to my new customer. He sees me coming and looks up from the menu without a smile in return.
“Finally!!” he says, pursing his lips, apparently annoyed at the almost non-existent wait on service. “I’ll have the steak. Rare.”
Well, I can see where Kate was coming from. It took all my will power to keep myself smiling. “Of course, Sir. Would you like another drink?”
Instead of answering, he quite blatantly begins to look me up and down. His eyes wandered over my full breasts past my small waist and then down my long legs. “Are you my waitress for the night?” he asks.
“Yes, sir” I reply “I will be taking care of you this evening so if there is anything you need just let me know.”
I turn and walk off. I can feel his eyes watching my arse swing as I walk away. What a wanker! I had felt like a piece of meat when he had looked me over. Nothing more than something he could buy in a shop. Why had I told Kate that I would take over for her!?
The mans attitude did not improve as the night continued. He ogled my breasts at every opportunity but was nothing but rude to me as I tried my best to keep him happy.
I was glad when it came time for me to count up as the girls looked after the last of the customers. The man was settled in with his coffee and did not look like he was ready to leave. It would take me half an hour to finish up so for now I could leave him where he was. I looked over to Kate “He is a wanker! But you be nice to him! If you have any trouble come and get me.” I walk off to the office to start the end of night procedure.
I was almost feeling relaxed when Kate stormed into the office. “Everyone else is gone, Steph, except for table 4. He just won’t leave! I took him his bill but he hasn’t even look at it!” She was flushed again, this man really rubbed her the wrong way! “Anyway, ” she continued “Mon and I have finished our shift.”
I roll my eyes. “OK Kate, don’t get worked up. Is everything else done?” Kate nods aggressively. “We are all finished.”
Oh, jeezz… I was going to have to deal with that wanker again. “OK, you girls can go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I return from the office with Kate. Everything was done but the man was still on table 4, nursing his coffee. Monica and Kate rushed out of the door shouting there goodbyes, relieved to be finished for the night.
I walk over to my last customer, steeling myself. Again he looks me up and down, his eyes lingering on my breasts. It was like he wanted to take them in his hands and nuzzle them. I blush slightly at the thought and feel my groin warm slightly. He was very good looking and the sheer force of his arrogance was a bit overwhelming.
“Was everything to your liking, sir? ”
He nods, puts down his coffee and stands. “Your service was wonderful. You are a very good host.”
Well, at least he was happy. I notice he is standing closer to me than I would normally feel com comfortable with. He was built well and was even more attractive up close. He stroked my arm, shocking me with his touch. “But I was wondering if you could service me a little more.”
He reached his hand behind my head, pulling me towards me and starts to kiss me passionately. I can’t help but respond to his advance. My nipples instantly became hard. He wasted no time in beginning to unbutton my top. The breasts that he had been watching all night were suddenly on display. He reaches into my bra, taking my left breast in his hand, his fingers playing with my nipple. My right breast soon gets the same treatment. I am almost unbearable turned on. I have not had any action for a long time and the way this man has taken control has been intoxicating.
“I don’t think this is appropriate, Sir” I manage to breathe, barely keep myself in control of my body.
“I think it is appropriate.” He smirked down at me, “The customer is always right. Have you ever heard that expression? ”
He continues to unbutton my top until it is loose and he pulls it off my leaving me in the middle of my restaurant in only my bra. This does not last very long as he reaches behind, probing my mouth with his tongue and removes the last obstacle to my tits. His hands grasp at my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples, which are painfully hard. Every touch of my nipples creates a ripple of desire in my cunt.
“Take off your skirt” he orders me. I blanch slightly at the command but my body betrays me. I am hot and wet from my nipples being so wonderfully caressed. I unzip my skirt and allow it to fall to the ground.
His hand slides into my panties and finds my swollen clitoris. The lightest touch makes me quiver before him. The dark street seems empty at the moment but at any time a passerby could come past and witness this scene. He slowly uses his other hand to take my last garment away from me, sliding my panties down to my ankles.
With com complete confidence he roughly picks me up and sits me on the bar, opening my legs with his body. One finger enters me, finding me wet and welcoming. I moan in desire, hardly remembering what I had thought of this man a few minutes before. “Oh God, ” I moan and this encourages him to spread me wider and enter me with a second finger. I continue to moan softly as I allow his fingers further and further into me. He is nibbling at my nipples at the same time, slowly changing from one side to another. Behind him I can see out of the large windows into the street. On the other side if the street a drunk couple pass by but seem not to notice the naked woman being pleasured on the bar.
I can hardly stand the pleasure and sharply say “Oh, I think I’m going to come.” I am burning with desire and can’t wait to release myself.
Quickly he pulls me down off the bar, kissing me again. “Not yet, ” he says. I can feel his penis hard beneath his trousers. He puts some pressure on my shoulders, lost in my lust I kneel down before him. A moment later his rock hard penis is in his hand in front of my face. Grabbing the back of my head again he thrusts his cock into my mouth. I gag slightly as his cock chokes me, filling my mouth and beginning to enter my throat. I try and pull back but his strong hands held my head in place as he thrust his cock in and out of my warm, defenceless mouth.
Now it was his turn to moan in pleasure, “Oh, good girl!” He thrusts into my mouth again his shaft wet with my saliva. “You really do give great service!” He thrusts once more into my mouth, so far that his cock ends up deep in my throat, his balls dangling down to my chin. His moan of pleasure was combined with spasms from his cock. He was enjoying using me, quickly becoming more and more excited.
I whimper slightly as he fucks my mouth, imagining someone I know walking past and seeing me naked on my knees in my restaurant with some stranger’s cock being given a thorough blow job. His hand was still holding my head in place but for some reason the helplessness of my situation was making me even wetter. He had no thought for me as he used my mouth to pleasure himself but my cunt was still aching from the attention it had received earlier. My juices were making my inner thighs wet and my fingers found themselves drawn to my swollen clitoris.
I played with myself without even thinking about it, my fingers putting pressure on my clitoris as I rubbed myself making myself even wetter. I moan even as my customers cock spasms inside my mouth. He moans again and I can feel that he is ready to come.
“Oh, you are very good at this, ” my customer says, breathing heavily. “I think you are going to get the opportunity to drink my cum!”
I allow my fingers to enter my wet pussy and they are instantly swallowed, my juices beginning to run slowly down my hand. He has reached the pinnacle of his pleasure and both hands pull my face towards him as he enters me for the last time, coming hard into my mouth.
His cum enters my mouth with a huge amount of force and as I taste the saltiness of his semen he lets his head fall back, a huge smile playing on his lips. “Oh, yes, that was fantastic.” His hands do not release my head until I swallow his cum down, all the while I continue to play with my hot pussy.
The man steps away from me, watching me rub my clitoris even while two fingers are pulling in and out of my cunt.
“Well, this is great”, he says with a laugh, “You are even going to service yourself.”
I feel humiliated as he zips himself up and straightening his belt but I am dying to cum and my body won’t allow me to stop the sweet caressing. My naked breasts bounce slightly against my chest as my hips grind my fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy. All the while I am on my knees before the customer, teetering on the edge of an orgasm as I touch myself.
He reaches into his pocket and draws out his wallet. He leafs through it carelessly, his eyes not leaving the show playing out before him. I suddenly feel my nipples contract and with a moan that is almost a scream I cum, hard. My fingers are still inside my pussy as it contracts and ripples. For a moment, I am in ecstasy.
I instantly feel drained as I come to my senses again and realise my situation. I look over to the large windows facing onto the street. A middle age man has stopped by the right end of the windows and has just watch me masturbate on my knees.
My attention is drawn back to my customer as he pulls a wad of bills from his wallet and throws them down onto the nearest table.
“I think you’ll find a nice, healthy tip for yourself in there, ” he says winking at me.
With that he picks up his coat, turns on his heels and walks out, leaving me alone, naked and suddenly feeling terribly cheap.

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