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The Game Point

The Game Point

By gagan preet - May 17, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 11444 This story dates back to 1990’s when I was doing my graduation in Delhi. Nisha , a gorgeous young lady was my table partner in all the practical classes. We were good friends and used to divulge all the secrets keeping nothing confidential between us. From the day first, I could not keep myself distracted from her almost ‘D’ sized boobs which were very firmly shaped. In between the talks and the classes, I used to catch a glimpse of the pumpkins whenever opportunity permitted. Nisha used to wear appropriate dresses which kept those luscious creatures far hidden from public view. She was tall about 5’-4” with thin waist line and well balanced hips. Her style and grace usually drove me crazy to the point of madness. My deep rooted craving for her was never evident to any one. It was hard to know what was there in her thoughts but she always appeared to be very friendly and frolicking.
Kavita and Trisha were her room mates and also my good friends. Trisha was very fair with blue eyes and Kavita dark and gorgeous. She was dating Mathews and Trisha often used to roam about with Shekhar. Mathews and Shekhar were sharing a room in the hostel. Our group had decided to go for a picnic excursion this winter. All the arrangements were finalised in a day or two and we were on our way to the spot. Luckily I had a seat besides Nisha in the bus. She was very happy as usual and chuckling all the way. My elbow was constantly in touch with her big boobs sending rejuvenating pleasure, impulses which I had so often craved for. The admixture of constant impulses and light music in the bus was driving me wild which was evident by the engorging muscles of the 9” cock. We were talking about some thing else but my mind was constantly thinking dirty. Some of the girls were half asleep and some were busy chatting with their boy friends .
At 10’o clock suddenly the wheels screeched to the halt and we were ready to get down on the picnic spot. The spot was sparsely crowded , an ample space for us to settle down. All the bags and utensils were carried to the spot with the edibles. The bus turned away only to return back in the evening. The boys planned to swim in the placid rivulet. I removed my jeans and changed into shorts. Few boys were busy erecting tents and others helping the girls to sort out edibles for cooking. I stuffed my shirt and pants in the bag and jumped in the cool waters of the rivulet. Nisha was constantly eying and admiring my muscular body as I made my moves. I was taken aback when suddenly Nisha, Trisha and Kavita too joined us in their bikinis. Few other girls followed soon and the water seemed to grow hot as they stepped in. I couldn’t but keep staring at Nisha . My eyes were constantly feasting on her voluptuous gyrating curves almost ready to spill out from there confines. Trisha’s long curved legs were most attractive tapering to the dark unshaven pussy clearly evident beneath the panties. Kavita seemed some thing like alien being in her shorts and low cut bra hiding two almost 36 B sized balls. Both were accompanied by their boy friends. Nisha was as usual smiling at me and I was exchanging mine without fail. Kavita waved at me and shouted “Gagan, why don’t you join us?” “your partner wants you here.” “But, she is not calling me.” I replied. Nisha and Kavita exchanged glimpses and giggled. “ Gagan come here, its me calling.” sounded Nisha’s voice. I could very well make out her longing for me. I swam with lightening speed to join the group. “Hi! Every body, I love you all!” I almost shouted. “Why don’t we swim to the other side?” every one agreed at once to the proposal. The other side of the rivulet was seen but wasn’t very near. By the time we reached the other side, all of us were extremely tired. It was the shadow of palm trees which brought some respite. All of us lay flat on our back with heavily pounding chests. Nisha and Kavita were lying parallel to me. Kavita was returning back to normalcy but Nisha was still heaving. The flesh beneath the bra was sliding to and fro. With every deep inhalation, the cleavage deepened and the pink areolar curve appeared behind the border of black bra, and disappeared with exhalation. The belly button contracted and relaxed with the abdominal muscles. The contractions seemed to send reverberations down the abdomen ending on the mons, cleanly shaven, peeping out from the rolled down margins of the panties. Kavita inched towards her boy friend. Trisha and shekhar were already engrossed with their locked lips. Shekhar was utilizing the situation to milk maximum pleasure. His hand was traversing through the whole length of her body, both on fire. Nisha was attentively watching them. I got up because this was the only means to suppress desire to devour Nisha. Suddenly , there was a shout from the other side. The lunch was ready. We swam back to have the delicacies.
The food was appetizing. I had it to my hearts content. After food we decide to play beach ball game. One person was to run after the ball tossing in between several hands until he or she managed to steal it. The loser was the next to run after the ball till he traps it. The game was more enjoying when the girl chased the ball. Every eye seemed to measure the radius of gyration as the boobs jumped and gyrated with every move. Most of the girls had changed into thongs to enjoy more freedom and also allure the boys. It was now 5P.M. and the bus had arrived to take us back. Our group decided to stay back and have more fun and utilize the ahead lying Sunday. The whole batch waved us good bye .We were left with edibles and one tent and of course our belongings.
We were more relaxed lying on the beach with each other. “Hey! Why don’t we start with the game again?”, I suggested. The game started again with me running after the ball. I managed to snatch it away from Kavita. Kavita started jumping and running after the ball. The moment she got near Shekhar holding the ball , he yanked, threw the ball in air towards Nisha and at the same time flipped open the hook of her bra as soon as she turned her back towards him. Kavita was com completely topless with her boobs fully exposed. She laughed but continued the chase. Her boobs moved in all directions unhindered. The dark and juicy nipples were erect and piercing. She however snatched the ball from Mathews who was concentrating mainly on her boobs. Mathews was not ready at all to be pulled to the centre. He ran reluctantly, and purposely dashed with Trisha , tore open her top throwing the brassiere away. Laughter burst in the group. Trisha was left naked above the waist with her small breasts jumping like ping pong balls with bright pink areola and hard nipples. Every eye was fixed on her sweet boobs than suddenly Nisha came to the centre and before any one could apprehend anything she separated the top from her giant perfectly shaped boobs. She gave me an inviting stare. Every one looked stunned at the ravishing beauty. The boobs were a perfect match to her figure. She was the tallest of all girls. As she moved the cheeks of the hips trembled when they dashed with each other separated by a thin G-string of the sexy thong. The girls could notice that the boys were loosing concentration as it was slowly getting dark. The night was moon lit.
We were tired and badly in need to swim. All of us entered the water one after the other. The girls were topless and the boys loved swimming with half naked girls. I was pairing with Nisha. She was closer to me and more open to me than any one else. I knew for sure that she was mine and only mine.
“Nisha, can I ask you for something?” I muttered as I zeroed on her. She smiled and nodded “Mm”(yes). “Will you be my Girl friend?” I asked. She threw her hands behind and pulled me by the waist and planted a kiss on my lips. It was now my turn. I pulled her harder, our lips were locked and the tongue got ready on its voyage to discover the inner confines of her mouth. She was panting heavily with half closed eyes in the water as we continued to kiss. Her breasts were plastered against the manly chest, the nipples stiffening and enlarging. I could feel them piercing my chest. She was doing wonders with her tongue. My cock started reacting , struggling hard to free itself from the undergarments. My hands clenched her boobs squeezing them simultaneously . Suddenly I felt her fingers sneak inside the underwear where she discovered the stiff pole ready for the action. She had started moaning silently which was quite evident from her half parted lips. “Hey guys lets move out!” shouted Mathews. We parted, but our hands still locked, returned to the shore. “Nisha is my girlfriend, guys” I announced. “Congrats!” Shouted Shekhar. I removed few bear bottles from my bag. “lets party tonight and make it a memorable one.” I said. We lit a fire on the beach and started drinking. All the three pairs were drinking with their hands playing with the respective boobs. By now we had started talking nasty and girlfriend swapping. But, no one seemed to agree on this point particularly the girls.
After finishing our bottles we decided to give the girls a good erotic massage. Every one was drunk and excited. We retired in the tent as it was very dark outside. We had lit candles in the tent. All the couples had settled for the massage. Nisha and others were lying face down. The sight with her legs and thighs exposed was pretty . Her sexy back seemed so soft and smooth that I could barely wait to feel her flesh. I could hardly afford to control myself.
“Are you relaxed?, shall we start?” I asked. She muttered yes and nodded."Just relax and enjoy yourself." I said.
I began lightly, massaging her neck with my fingers and then working my way down her back. Eventually I took to her feet and began stroking up the calves of her legs. Her skin was soft and sexy and felt damn good. I spent some time rubbing her muscles, slowly working my way up to her knees. It was here that I changed the strategy, and started squeezing and massaging her thighs as I was ascending higher and higher right up to the lower part of the G-string clinging closely to the cleft between the bumps. The moans were clearly evident and were also emanating from other areas. Each one of us was really enjoying the game. The game often fantasized.
Nisha’s warm skin was turning me on and more confidence was slowly building in me. I inched up pulled the G- string aside and started feeling the warm flesh beneath and massaging them. The string was drenched with outpouring love juices. “How’s that feeling dear?” I asked. "Am I hurting you dear?" I thought I must get confirmation before I proceed. She moaned out with a sigh, "ohhhh... nooooo..., it feels good." My massage continued as I started rubbing her legs more sensually, my hands moving up and down her soft fleshy thighs creeping up higher and higher each time. My cock was getting hard; a prominent bulge was clearly evident in my pants.
Nisha was soaking wet. How’s that feeling darling? I whispered. “Its gggreaatt, I looove it” she replied. My fingers had reached the slit of her pussy. I touched them, rubbed them and caressed them. Now I moved my hands to her ass and gently massaged her ass cheeks. My hand started striking the cleft between the buttocks . Her thong was pulled down the ass, freed from the legs.
She shouted in ecstasy, "ohhh don't stop..., you are doing a GGreatt Job”. I tucked my fingers in her love tunnel and started kneading the rugose skin in between the bumps. “AAAAAAMMMMM” the moans and groans started growing louder. “Fuck me , fuck me Gagan , do it man” She pleaded. I could see the sand totally drenched with her vaginal juices. I lowered my face to lick the juices the musky aroma had turned me on. The pink cap over the penis now had swollen to its maximum girth and had started to ache. I slowly started licking the rugose skin. The sphincter started relaxing and rugosities almost flattened opening the anal aperture. I slipped my finger in her ass and started finger fucking her. Nisha was enjoying every moment and adoring every move which I made. I put my lips on her ass and licked, tracing the tip of my tongue right up through her crack. I could feel her body shudder. I did it and did it again burrowing my tongue between her ass cheeks until I touched her asshole. “Turn to your back baby”, I commanded.
Nisha , stark naked , turned to her back and lay supine. I asked to fold her hands alongside her head so that the armpit lay facing the roof. I sat down on my knees besides her and started the game again. Lightly massaging the neck and shoulders I moved towards the head end. I put some more oil and used the heel of the palm to massage in between her boobs. Lifting them and massaging the area underneath. I slowly ran the palm on the ribs cage reciprocating the steps on the other side as well. My hands reached her shaven armpits manipulating them to the point of ecstacy. “AAAAHHHHH….MMMMMM…..OOOOOFFFF” her moans started increasing in intensity. I remember having read some where that manipulation of armpits adds to ecstatic pleasure. My palm started climbing the huge globes on both the sides, kneading and squeezing them simultaneously. The cock by now was standing to its full glory and had started to ache. I had no choice left except to part with the underwear. My cock sprang back to action with the pink cap swollen to its maximum girth. Nisha looked at my throbbing erection standing 9” tall. She caught hold of the shaft and started moving the loose foreskin up and down. The atmosphere was growing hotter as the eroticism began to build up. My hand was kneading her breasts frantically stimulating the nipples in between. I had several strategic options for this part of the game. My index and middle fingers started kneading the nipples. The nipples were already taught and bright pink engorged with blood. Sometimes, I used to intertwine them in between the fingers for maximum stimulation. “AAAAAhhhhhhh… iiillllooooovvve….. youuu…”, muttered Nisha in ecstacy.
I could feel the blood racing in the engorged vascular sinuses of the cock and the cum dripping from the one eyed monster. I was also breathing heavily. I could see no options to control. I could hardly keep my eyes open to see Nisha writhing in ecstacy. I could see her torso lifting from the bed and hips rising frantically. She was about to come. Eventually I placed my mouth on her nipples. “MMMMMMMM…..Ahhhmmmm…..” she cried in ecstacy as my tongue encircled on the areola and teased her nipples. Pressing my head against her breasts she could feel the heat climbing her neck to the brains.” MMMMMyyyyyyyyy.. Goooodddddd…… AAHHHMMMMmmmmmmm……….” She came with a loud noise. Her eyes opened and she smiled with full satisfaction.
The game continued. My hands climbed down the mountains working there way to her stomach. I was massaging her stomach and lower abdomen. My fingers were playing with the belly button for a while and then continued the journey down to her legs. The thigh muscles were very well shaped and added to the beauty below the waist. I wanted to lick those very beautiful and robust thighs and eat them up but some thing more delicious and palatable distracted me altogether. Her pelvis was twitching and churning as my hands started stroking her thighs. With each stroke the upper limit of touch increased, in a way teasing her pleasure impulses. Slowly I climbed upto the mons pubis. Her hips now made longer arches as the churning motion continued. My thumb brushed the clit which was seen peeping through the labial folds and the index finger started kneading the labial lips. Her hips started rising several inches above the ground. A new ecstatic impulse had started to grow within her. The orgasm was slowly building up from the loins, ascending the abdomen creeping into the nerves and waiting to explode. The nine inch cock too wanted to explode but somehow was controlled. The musky odour of the vaginal juices dashed my nostrils as I buried them deeply inside the fleshy cunt. My lips started lapping the freely flowing vaginal juices making her moan grow louder and louder. Her thighs lay slightly apart while the tongue continued to discover the sex spot. I was virtually eating the pussy to my hearts content. Suddenly she exploded and the juices gushed down the tunnel smearing my lips and face. I had spread her lips and fucked the tunnel with my fingers as well.
By now Nisha was ready for something else. She caught hold of my penis and pulled it to her vagina. “Fuck me please, Gagan please fuck me.” She pleaded. My cock had grown to monstrous dimensions. It could negotiate easily through the flooded pussy as I climbed her between the legs. My hips started with short thrusts making her body jerk with each thrust. Slowly the speed increased as did the impact of thrust. The breasts jumped to and fro. The moans were replaced by short shouts, and the noises synchronized with the orgasm which exploded, drowning us in the ocean of profound pleasure.
The game was over but there was no game point. No body lost , everyone who participated won.
“Wondering? You can also win and there won’t be any GAME POINT either.”

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