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Mickey And Peg

Mickey and Peg

By BobnJJ123 - Jul 24, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 4262 Mickey Borovski was a fine, stalwart, upright man who had both supported and served his fellow man often. He neither smoked, nor drank to excess nor did he do drugs or cavort in immoral company. He was also a happy man, content with his lot in life. Early, he’d managed a couple of years of college before he no longer could afford to attend the university and had taken up the carpentry trade where he soon excelled in the craft.
When he married Camilla, it had been a lifetime commitment which he valued highly. He adored her and was deeply hurt when she announced, after 12 years of marriage, that she needed some space. . . to get out and get involved in the world’s issues!
It had come as no surprise when the world issue that had concerned her most was a physician’s assistant, half her age, and even then, it was Camilla who had filed for divorce. He did not contest the action even as she took everything of value, i.e., house, cars, furniture and even his small pension. . .
That part of his life passed and Mick, as he was casually known, slowly rebuilt his life, alone. He became comfortably well off if not wealthy and lived in a one-bedroom condo and drove a small car when he rarely traveled. His small circle of friends were mostly men like himself. He was content with his station in like.
When Mick bought the lottery ticket, it was on a whim. He was neither a gambling man nor did he have any expectation of winning. If asked why he’d bought it, he’d have been hard pressed for an answer. Then when the telephone rang during the early evening, that fateful winter day, Mick was startled by the caller. . . .
“Damn practical jokers, ” he thought after having heard that he’d won $23, 000, 000 with the winning lottery ticket. He hung up the telephone! Seconds later the telephone rang again and this time the voice on the other end assured him it was real. After clearing up a few details, arrangements were made and he was given a warrant for the whole amount to be drawn in thirty annual installments - enough to let him live in luxury for the rest of his life.
The first check arrived a few days later - over $400, 000 after taxes and various health and personal liability insurance withdrawals. With the check in his hands, he sat, planning his future. He needed a money manager and a reputable company to manage his wealth. He needed good investments to insure the money was wisely used.
For the next few weeks he went to work on the construction job as before, hardly evidencing any indication that he was suddenly wealthy. Of course, he had a battery of lawyers, accountants, investment brokers, etc., looking after his fortune as he worked, Then, with the approach of spring, Mick found his construction job com complete and himself faced with a lengthy lay off.
Of course, by then, his fortune was wisely invested in various trusts and off-shore accounts where they were unavailable to the prying eyes of the government and the people who would relieve him of his wealth. As he faced the prospect of months of unemployment, for the first time in his life, he found life boring and uninteresting; he was mildly depressed! As was his custom between jobs he filed his unemployment insurance claim as always. His money lay drawing interest in various off-shore accounts.
When his ex-wife. Camilla, who he hadn’t seen in years, suddenly showed up on his door step with an offer he surely would not refuse. Having learned of his new wealth, she explained that the divorce had been a mistake, etc, and that she was ready to make amends. Mick remembered that she’d been good in bed . . .
It gave him no pleasure when he had fucked her, handed her two dollars and told her to get the hell out!
Slowly, Mick began to develop a plan. There had been few women in his life. . .he was a shy man and quite unaccustomed to the matters of courting a woman. He had often been financially strapped in his efforts to meet a woman socially.
Mick was well aware that it took more than money to properly court a woman. . . On the other hand, money seemed to attract women as nothing else could. Perhaps. . . . . his mind began to develop a plan!
It was exactly a week later that Mick checked into a modest hotel in London’s Hyde Park area and sought an ad in the local newspaper. The add said simply, “Woman wanted to please a man for long term position. Must be between the ages of 30 & 50, physically fit and reasonably intelligent. 25Euro to each applicant actually interviewed. Apply to . . . .”
The first applicant called the next afternoon and informed Mick that she could please any man any time for 200E. Mick did not interview her. Then, the calls began to come with regularity and as Mick talked to each one on the telephone, he rejected them outright. Another day passed.
Then, as Mick was growing discouraged, he answered the telephone to hear a low voice with what he detected as a bit adversarial. The woman’s voice said simply that she’d read his ad and wanted to know more. She might be interested.
Mick was somewhat piqued by the attitude of the woman whose voice was on the telephone. He engaged the voice in conversation and soon found himself the subject of rather intense reflective questioning. He had soon told her of his ex-wife and her infidelity and deserting him. He told her much more than he had ever intended.
Suddenly the woman spoke her terms, ”I’ll live with you and clean and cook and wash your clothes and I’ll be good to you in bed. I’ll try to make you a happy man and I don’t want money. I only want to travel and be with you, no strings attacked. You’ll be free to dump me at any time and I’ll be free to walk out at any time. All I ask is that you leave me here as you found me.
What she didn’t say was that she was tired of her dull life as a service worker. She’d been a waitress, a sales clerk and even a cocktail waitress and all she had to show for it was five suites of dress, two pair of shoes and a few personal belongings. After fifteen years this would be a chance to live a little and maybe even enjoy the sex. When she tired of him, she’d dump him. . .
Later, that day, Mick interviewed Peggy Liscome in his room. She was, he guessed, in her late forties, dark hair, blue eyes, tall, slim and physically fit. She carried herself well and seemed to display an above average intelligence. This time they talked at some length and exchanged addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Then, as Mick was about to hand her the 25Euro compensation payment for her interview, he said, “You don’t mind if I have you investigated?, Do you?” and she replied, that she wasn’t to be trusted so he was welcome to look into her past.
Three days later, the private investigators report was in Mick’s hands. Peg was an easy person to investigate, having grown up in London, married and divorced there and had worked there for fifteen years since the divorce. She had no close friends and no evidence of lovers. She did not drink, smoke or do drugs and had no police record.
After having read the report, he began to review the woman known as Peg’s matters of interest. He recalled that she was straight forward in her responses to his questions and had made stimulating conversation. She had promised him all that he’d been seeking in the ad and more. He picked up the telephone and dialed her. . . .
The next few day were spent arranging the details. Peg would move into her own room in his suite at the Excaliber where she would be at his beckon and call at all times. She would be Mick’s companion and helpmate as well as serving as hostess at any party events. Of course, she would be available in his bed at any time when called.
Peg seemed well adjusted to this new situation but Mick was finding it hard. Peg was quickly becoming a good friend and he wanted very much to trust her in spite of her admonition. Then, there was the problem of sex. Having Peg there at his call seemed cold and uncom comfortable for him and he would much prefer that it be more of a mutual agreement thing.
Dinner that night was pleasant as Mick and Peg engaged in light conversation. The wine had brought a closeness that built trust in spite of Peg’s admonition and they retired early, each to their own bedroom.
Next day, at Mick’s instigation, they went shopping. Mick steered them to the hotel’s salon for massage, hair and manicure; then to the chic clothing stores for custom clothing to replace some of the off the shelf items in Peg’s wardrobe. As they moved from place to place, he took pleasure in watching Peg’s transformation to a very stylishly elegant lady as much as Peg reveled in her new persona.
It was late in the day when they returned to their hotel suite and both were tired after their rather strenuous day. After some discussion, it was decided that they would dine in. . .dinner in their room where they could relax! Then, they parted to their respective rooms where they changed clothes and prepared for the evening.
Mick returned to their living room first and sat waiting for Peg’s return as he ordered dinner and wine to be brought up with suitable table service. As he sat contemplating the events of the day and of the evening ahead, he felt good! Life was good! Then, Peg appeared in the door from her room, a vision of loveliness, in a shear, pale green negligee with matching panties and bra clearly visible under the shear fabric.
To say that Mick was surprised would be an understatement. To say he was astounded would be more appropriate! He rose from his seat and stood facing Peg as she approached. Their eyes met and Mick detected shyness and fear in her big blue eyes.“Do you like it?” she asked.
Mick told her he liked it with his words as his eyes adored her in a manner that told Peg he was pleased. Emboldened now, she came closer and Mick caught the scent of a woman fresh from her shower and prepped. Suddenly, He felt his passions rise. . .his lust build like it hadn’t in many years. As his situation changed, he was horny and he fought for control of his overheated emotions.
Peg was pleased with the reaction that she’d gotten from her dress. She had determined that she would repay Mick for his efforts of the day in the only way that seemed appropriate. She had reasoned that Mick would be expecting her to sleep with him soon anyway and she rather looked forward to enticing him.
Of course, it’d been over fifteen years since she had been in bed with a man and Peg wondered if she could still please a man. During her marriage, she’d tried to experience really good sex but her clod of a husband had always left her with the expectation that there was more pleasure to the act than she had experienced.
Her first step, the sexy negligee, had been an entire success and now it was time for step two. Suddenly Mick found himself subject to admiring glances and feather-light touches and caresses as they sat awaiting their dinner. The sat close on the sofa as Mick felt the warmth of Peg’s body through the negligee while they conversed.
Then, in response to Peg’s presence, Mick felt his body quicken and grow sensitive and his cock began to grow and harden. It was a good feeling; one he had rarely experienced over the past twenty years. He allowed his pleasure to envelop him.
Peg, next to him on the sofa, still had concerns. Her negligee had certainly gotten his full attention and he was definitely affected but when and if they got up close and personal, she was well aware that her body was not young and nubile any more. Age had taken a toll as her body sagged and drooped and no longer the firm, pliant body of a twenty year old. Her complection was marred by sun spots and exposure to weather and she had gained a few pounds. Her body odors were no longer the scent of a young woman. “Perhaps he’ll find me undesirable?” she thought, “What’ll I do if he rejects me?” Her confidence waned. . .
Had she known what was on Mick’s mind, she wouldn’t have been concerned. Mick was well aware of Peg’s age and rather that being put off, he was actually more attracted to her than he might have been to a younger woman. She carried herself with a certain grace and maturity that was attractive to him. She was a woman, full of life’s experiences, who knew her wants and needs and how to satisfy them. She was definitely beautiful, he thought!
Still, as much as he admired her, it wasn’t Peg’s body that was his primary objective. After many years of living alone and surviving, he’d found a potential friend - one thatappealed to him! It was her quick wit, sensitive and caring ways and inquiring mind that he wanted to form a bond with - to enjoy!
So it was that Peg was ready when Mick leaned into her and pressed his lips, lightly to hers. So it was when her lips parted and their tongues met. As they familiarized themselves with each other and after all those many years of celibacy it was like the clock had rolled back to the happy times of their youth.
When Mick’s hands passed over the cloth covering her breasts, Peg was affected and when he asked her to remove the sexy negligee she stood and complied. It was when she returned to sit beside him and he said, “No, Show me your body! It’s beautiful. Sep back and turn around so I can see all of you, ” that she suddenly became shy and reticent. Mick coaxed her gently and soon she was turning slowly and posing in front of Mick’s adoring eyes. She began to strut her stuff and her confidence grew. At that moment she felt more powerful than she could ever remember. . .
Suddenly, she wanted to be close to the man she controlled. . .to touch him and delight him even more! She moved to the sofa and over Mick where she kissed him passionately.
Events moved swiftly then as they moved to the big master bed and the last of their clothing lay strewn on the floor. Mick moved slowly and carefully, reacting to Peg’s wants and needs as he was careful not to force her in any way. It was his nature that he act in this manner and it was this nature that made him an excellent lover.
Peg, on the other hand, had not expected the ministrations she was receiving. All the sensitive nature of his actions was a first. . . quite unlike her previous experiences. These actions were evoking a response in her that was bigger and more intense than anything she could remember from her past. . . She reveled in the pleasure that she was receiving.
She thought back to her first time when Sam Agin had taken her in the barn at the edge of town! Sam was the acknowledged expert on fucking in her high school and she smiled to herself as she recalled how awkward he had been. She had expected better from him. . . Then, there was her ex-husband who had performed even worse aqnd expected her to be thrilled by his inept love making. Again, she smiled inwardly as she felt a ripple of fresh lust roar through her whole being ln response to Mick’s ministrations.
There was no doubt about it. . .Peg was going to enjoy this experience with Mick even more than she’d hoped! Then, she reminded herself that Mick was a man and not to be trusted. . .
As she thought to herself, Peg responded to Mick’s ministrations with vigor and allowed her passions to rise unchecked. Her pleasure grew more intense now! She reminded herself that Mick was a man and not to develop feelings for him.
Then, when his hands began to move freely over her body, Peg made no more effort to remember her feelings about men - she could sort it all out later - and entered into the love match whiole-heartedly.
Soon, when Mick’s cock stood poised at her vaginal opening she was anxious to get on with it. She was ready and Mick was poised for his entry.
Above her, Mick was acting on instinct alone. He had not anticipated fucking Peg this soon and had expected it to come naturally some weeks later. He was not adverse to doing her there and then. . . his hormones were driving him and he was fully prepared. He moved to make his entry and after a few awkward moments, he felt his cock slide slowly into her warm, moist, smooth vagina and stop only when his crown was firmly against her cervix. Only then did he pause to think about what was happening. Only then did the full effect of his pleasure take effect.
Meanwhile, beneath him, with her vagina filled with a stiff, vibrant cock, Peg was feeling the effects of their union as well. Though, perhaps not as sensational as the feelings that Mick was feeling, they were more delicate and she felt each little nuance of those pleasures. Then, before they had even started the motions of copulation, She felt it. . .she was going to have an orgasm! It was almost upon her!
Then, as her body went through the biological functions of a powerful orgasm, her mind was filled with a thousand sensations, each a source of a different pleasure. Herr only response was to gave herself over the powerful forces of biology that controlled her body.
Mick observed Peg’s intense orgasm with wonder as he lay, supported on his elbows, over her with his cock embedded deep within her womb. He had seen women in the throes of passion before and the woman he was fucking was certainly a very sexual person. He waited as Peg’s peak began to subside; then, began the slow rhythmic coital motion that would sustain her high level of passion.
Gradually, as Peg recovered her senses after her orgasm, she began to respond to Mick’s cock as it sliced back and forth in her love canal. She began to meet his thrusts with her own counter thrusts and again as she felt it! Stronger than before her peak was imminent. She relaxed and prepared to enjoy another peak. . . .
Again, Mick recognized her approaching peak and altered his own movements to give her the best opportunity to enjoy it. He thought to himself that she was indeed a very, very sexual person. Peg cried out as she reached that ultimate point and then relaxed as her emotions began to subside.
Seconds later Peg felt the steady rhythm of Mick’s cock as it created friction in her very sensitive vagina and in seconds, she felt another orgasm forming in her. She responded by instinct only now as her senses were crowded to overload with a multitude of sensations and feelings and emotions.
Now, Mick was impressed. He’d seldom seen a woman as hot and com completely overcome with passion as Peg and he worked hard to support her condition as peak after peak rolled over her.
Then, Mick felt his own ejaculation imminent! He thought it was a wonder that he’d lasted as long as he did considering the condition of the woman he was with and his many years of abstinence. He said simply, “I’m gonna’cum!”
Minutes later, they lay together in a close embrace, still joined together by Mick’s somewhat soft cock, kissing and caressing and playing. Peg was still reveling in her pleasure as she reminisced her experience. Sam Agin and her ex- husband had been bumbling fools when it came to sex - she had suspected that there were better lovers than those dolts but she’d never expected what had just occurred. She decided that Mick was a master cocksman!
After a time of peace and serenity in each other’s embrace, the aura began to fade and reality set in. It was Peg who reacted first. She suddenly realized that she’d just invested much more into her deal with Mick than she’d intended. . .a bond had formed between them and that was contrary to her plan. She moved from Mick and went to the bathroom in her adjoining suite to clean herself. There she quickly decided to sleep in her bed, apart from this man she didn’t want to bond with.
Then in her own bed, safely apart from the man she didn’t want to bond with, she relaxed. She relaxed but sleep wouldn’t come. She relived the greatest sexual experience of her life over and over and tried to drive it from her mind lest she bond further with Mick. She decided that she was hungry and went to the living room to partake of some of the food that had been brought up the night before and left untouched!
The food, though delicious, did nothing to calm Peg’s mind and address her growing needs. Her mind began to dwell on the sensations and feelings of the previous evening and she felt a growing need for more. . . .
By the time she entered Mick’s master bedroom her needs had become a compulsion. . . She dropped her negligee, raised the covers on his bed and climbed in beside Mick where she moved to lightly caress him. As her hands began to gently fondled his flaccid penis, she felt it grow and come to full alert status. She moved carefully over his sleeping body and positioned herself to receive his now fully-armed and ready cock into her waiting vagina. With one hand she guided the massive tool into her with ease and settled on to him. It was when she stopped with Mick’s cock com completely embedded in her that she realized that he was awake.
This time, experienced together, they shifted and moved to provide each other maximum pleasure. They keyed their actions to each other in a perfect union of their bodies, hearts and minds as Peg’s passions rose to even higher limits and she lost all reason to pure instinct. She reached her peak in the first few seconds after penetration and it continued, unabated, as she reveled in pleasure.
Mick, of course, had awakened soon after Peg had entered the bed and lay faking sleep as she had fondled him and mounted him. It had been a pleasant awakening and he was soon participating com completely from his inferior position in the bottom. He lasted much longer, this time, before he he felt his discharge coming and the spurts as he pumped it into Peg’s belly.
Half an hour later, still in their coital embrace, they played and loved as their reason returned to displace the peace and serenity of their little world. Suddenly, faced with the realization that she’d bonded with Mick again, Peg arose from the bed and raced to her bathroom as Mick went to his own to shower and clean himself.
It was past eight o’clock when Mick awoke and felt the sticky sheets in the bed beside him as he remembered the passions of the last night. He felt good - refreshed! Afte4r a quick shave, shower and dressing, he went to the living room to await Peg’s arrival from her bedroom.
He waited and by noon, he became concerned. With caution, he went to Peg’s bedroom door and opened it to find the room empty. Peg and all her personal belongings, along with her recently acquired purchases were gone. . .
After the initial surprise, Mick called for his own porter and began packing for his departure with his mind on the reasons for Peg’s sudden move. She had told him that she wasn’t to be trusted at their very first meeting and he had been forewarned. Perhaps it was just as well. . . .
On the trip back to the United States and home, he felt the loss of his lover rather keenly. She had been a good lover. . . one that he had bonded to and regretted losing! Still, he must face the facts, it was over!
Back home in his small apartment, he felt lonely for the first time. He needed a friend! Then, as he headed out the door of his apartment, looking for excitement he collided rather violently with a muddle aged woman coming down the hallway past his door. He turned to apologize only to be met by the eyes of a tall, Asian woman who was already apologizing.
“Did I hurt you?” Mick asked and she replied , “No. Are you all right?” Each, feeling guilty, was trying to shoulder the blame for the accident. Then, as their minds cleared, thw woman spoke, “Hi! I*’m Tina Wo Han and I live just down the hall. . . .and who might you be?” Mickey replied with his name and some information on his background, omitting any mention of his wealth.
They talked and Tina had soon impressed him with her Asian wit and charm. She told him that she was a waitress in a nearby Korean restaurant. Mick was soon mesmerized by Tina’s wit and charm and when he suggested dinner for them at a local bistro, she agreed.
As Mick escorted his tall, beautiful, Asian date into the little café he watched the men there admire her and was proud. He was even more proud when she moved close to him and took his arm in a gesture clearly showing those admiring eyes that she was his. They took a seat in a booth near the back of the café.
As they sat and talked and grew familiar, found her to be familiar with a wide range of topics for conversation and quite intelligent. He began to see possibilities for a future with her. Mick was soon aware that Tina had an interest in him too. He enjoyed her dancing eyes and light touches as she flirted.
Then, dinner over and a bottle of fine wine consumed, they returned to their apartment building as Mick looked at her with inquiring eyes wondering what was to happen next. Their eyes met and he saw fiery passion that spoke of things to come behind her big dark eyes. After a moment, as they stood facing each other Tina asked calmly, “Your apartment or mine?”

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