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Teacher With Big Tits

Teacher with Big Tits

By Anon - Oct 5, 2009 - From interracial- stories. Interracial stories - Views - 59223 One day, i was sitting on the couch and jerking off to my teacher, Ms. Sanders. She was a hot, tan woman with large breasts. I couldn't go to bed without fantasizing about fucking her. One day, though, it happened.
I was a white boy in new york who was a virgin, but a horny one. i was top in my class, had my own apartment, and had alot of money.
But let's get on with it.
I was sitting in my seat, studying in Ms. Sanders' class for the upcoming exam, when she called me up to her desk. When I was up there, I had a hard-on from her. She said, "Excuse me Alex, but I need to talk to you after school." I didn't know why she wanted me, but I didn't care. "Yes Ms. Sanders, anything for you, " I replied.
The rest of the day went by normally. As the bell rang, I started towards her class. When I entered, she said, "Alex, would you mind coming over to my house for awhile?" she asked. I was speechless and nodded my head. "No, not at all, Ms. Sanders, " I said. "Good. Well, let's not waste time, shall we?" she said.
Before I knew it, I was at Ms. Sanders house. It had a beautiful garden and was two stories. She offered me a seat in her kitchen and fixed us each a glass of water. "So, " she said, "I have been noticing you are top in the class, " she said. "Thank you, " I said. she took off her coat, revealing a sexy blue tank top. She giggled as I looked at her boobs. "You naughty college boys turn me on, " she said. She then took off her tank top as i blushed. "Do you like my boobs?" she said. "Ummmmmmmmmmm..." She than stood up on the table and took off her bra. Then, she took off everything until she was stark naked. "Take off your pants, " she said. I didn't move. "Here, let me help you she said, handing me my water. "Drink, " she said. I took the glass and drank. The world then became fuzzy...
I woke up handcuffed, naked on her bed. She came in and said, "I will give you a choice. If you fuck me, you will get all A's in school. if you don't, I will let you go, but give you all F's. Your choice, " She said. "I want sex, " I said. She than began stroking my dick. After a while, she sat on my dick in her hole. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed. She then undid the hand cuffs. I then leaned over and slid my tounge in her pussy.

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