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By Stoneypoint - Aug 16, 2008 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 16885 He was put on suspension and received notice from the disciplinary chancellor of the college that he was now in review. Marcus Henning never realized the implications of the college prank that he pulled on two professors would be put him in such a serious predicament.
“All we did was put a couple firecrackers in a guy’s car” he told his coach. “That’s it.” He was told by the coach it was caught on tape. The guy they did it to was the disciplinary chancellor’s husband.
A prick by nature it had been rumored he was sleeping in a separate bedroom each night either way. No one cared for the guy; not even his wife. Not a soul cared for his tactics or his demeanor; not even his family it was said.
They laughed. They all laughed. Even the coach found it hilarious, but couldn’t let Marcus know that. Everyone found it funny as hell. The car was the stupidest car in the world. Only a nerd would drive a car as dumb as his. He was a class A, Number 1 nerd.
The chancellor at one time was too. Then she discovered fashion. Then she discovered makeup. Then she discovered flair. Then she discovered the beauty of stylish clothing. Finally she discovered the true beauty of exercise. Then she discovered boys again. Once she discovered all that life took off for her.
6 pm he was to be at her office. He arrived at the chancellor’s office at 5:50 pm. He was instructed by her secretary he was to meet her at a downtown café inside the illustrious Berkshire Place. It was a five star hotel with all the gold trimmings.
Dressed in his best slacks, a newly ironed white oxford shirt, and a recently pressed blazer, Marcus put on the added touches. He wore a dab of a friend’s aftershave and brushed his teeth twice before leaving that afternoon. “Looking good” he told himself with an air of confidence. “Gonna impress the bitch” he told himself as he left the athletic complex.
His complex was for athletes only. His complex consisted of the top performers in each sport. Across the street were the women athletes. With all that went on there weren’t too many excursions into the partying world. Life became boring. Something had to be done. Firecrackers in an odd looking car of the husband of the disciplinary chancellors seemed to do the trick one night. Only not too many knew that he was her husband.
Oops... big mistake! Or was it actually?
Arriving at the café he didn’t see her. She wasn’t around. An attractive younger lady around his age came towards him. She asked him as she checked out the dapper attire he had on if he was so and so. Smiling and returning the favor his eyes circulated across the cute waitress in her cute outfit that he was. She loved what she saw. He loved what he saw. She loved that chest. He loved her tits. She loved his shoulders. He loved her trim waistline. She loved his smile. He loved her lips. It went on and on.
He read the note. 6 pm sharp it said. Looking at her he smiled. “See ya later maybe?” She smiled and nodded. He ran out. He ran the stairs. He arrived at the tenth floor. He ran down the corridor. Huffing and puffing, he knocked. She asked who it was. In a curt tone she said he was late. He said he knew and apologized.
“Come in” she said. He opened the door. Inside she sat. She faced away from him. She appeared to be contemplating. On the chair facing away from him she wore one of her usual suits.
A short fashionable grey skirt, it was tight. It came up about 4 inches off her knees. Her blazer was cut along her winding figure. Underneath was a white blouse adorned with ruffles. Margaret Zinger knew her subject. She knew what he liked. She knew what he was capable of doing. She liked this subject.
“Sit down Marcus.” She turned and peered into his eyes.
He was nervous. That was good. She told him to relax. “Marcus today is a lucky day. I’m going to cut you a break. I’ve decided to have you reinstated.” He tried to smile. He thanked her. “But Marcus” she began pausing to let him think on it all. “You are going to perform campus services for me.”
His eyes displayed a general curiosity. He didn’t understand. He asked what that would be. Margaret stood up. She turned away from him. She walked to the window which looked out over the city and the faraway campus.
Marcus watched her body. He began noticing the details of her tight suit and how it addressed her curvaceous mature figure cleverly as she walked away from him. He stood up maintaining his stare upon her upper body, hips, nice looking ass underneath her tight skirt, and well maintained legs.
“Sit down Marcus” she said not even looking his way. He eased back in to the chair. “Marcus” and she paused as she continued staring out over the city. She threw his thoughts into a tailspin. “When was the last time you were with an older woman? ”
The look on his face said it all. She didn’t even have to look back at him. She confused him. She scared the heck out of him. She was a woman to be reckoned with. He knew that all too well. He had heard stories.
Margaret didn’t turn around. She stood almost motionless. Her arms rose up. She began undoing her blazer. He couldn’t see what she was doing. She let it hang open. He was nervous. He already had realized how nice a figure the woman had. Margaret for her age had one helluva a figure. It was a so much better then most ever realized.
“Marcus” she said as she turned away from the window to face him “I’m sure you find my figure attractive... right?” She smiled faintly.
There was only one answer to her question. Putting on his infamous charismatic smile which was as false as they came, Marcus faked out the chancellor. He nodded his head yes. He even let it be known in a sincere sounding reply. Marcus let her see the “honest to goodness” look in his eyes.
But truth be told, Marcus’ eyes had begun bulging after she turned around. He saw the definition surrounding her bosoms earlier on when she wore the blazer buttoned up. Her blazer fit her comfortably. Her blazer took on a sexy sensuous appearance from how he saw it. The outline of her boobs was highly noticeable through her blazer. They were large. They were wholesome. They were succulent. Marcus let a brief thought pop into his head.
“I could suck on those boobs all day long.” He scolded himself afterwards. “But I could... I really could.”
“Good... good Marcus I’m glad you and I see the same thing in one another. You are a fine looking young man. 22 years old, right” she asked. He nodded confirming his age. “Good very good. Do you have any idea how old I am?” He shook his head no.
Once she slipped off the blazer and pitched it towards the arm of the chair her wholesome bosoms began taking shape. The ruffled blouse’s slimming design enhanced her mature form.
She watched him. She liked what she was seeing. His eyes spanned along her full-grown silhouette. She saw and appreciated the approval in his eyes. Her soul smiled. She was becoming more satisfied with every turn. Seeing his eyes, seeing his face told her everything. Her young subject was the one to reap the benefits of her long held desires.
Without showing too much endorsement of what was to come, the chancellor read between the lines. “Good very good” she thought. “He likes what he sees. I’ve spent enough hours getting this body in shape for an opportunity like this.”
For the first time she let it be known she was pleased with his presence. A smile settled on her. He gradually became more com comfortable with his predicament once he saw her smile. However it was time to begin teasing him a little more. Simply by undoing the bow of her blouse she’d carefully study his reactions. Her smile remained faint. She wouldn’t let it expand. Her eyes sparkled, but Marcus never noticed. He watched her with heightened anticipation.
“Do you enjoy women’s lingerie Marcus?” Of course, he did as all men would do. He nodded. “Did you like the young lady who delivered my message to?” His reply was delayed. “It is fine with me if you say yes.” She hoped for a positive response. “I’m sure she would love to have you. She is one attractive young lady is she not? ” He knew somehow he was being set up. He nodded regardless.
“Do you want to know to know something about the young woman?” He didn’t indicate to the chancellor one way or the other his preferences. She took it upon herself to assume he would love knowing a tidbit about her niece. “From what I’ve learned about the young lady, she loves sex. She loves it in many various forms Marcus.” Margaret’s tone was sultry. Her voice was deeper. Her tone was intoxicating. “From what my sources have told me she will go on exciting wild binges with men, older men and take them on the rides of their lives, but I’ve come to understand a couple of other things about the young woman as well. Would you like to know what those are Marcus?”
His face piqued with intense curiosity. He didn’t smile, but he nodded indicating he wanted to know.
“I thought you’d like to know.” She smiled more then before. “The young lady enjoys dabbling in girl on girl adventures. That’s rather interesting to me. I’ve considered what that would feel like.” Margaret smiled. “Oh and I shouldn’t forget this last point. She loves athletes with a penchant. Big, burly, tall white athletes drive her wild Marcus... wouldn’t you consider yourself one of those?”
Marcus smiled relieved to know he could think of that girl as a helluva good fuck.
“By the way Marcus it is alright telling you this because for future reference” and then the chancellor winked “that young lady... she’s my niece. She’s my goddaughter too.”
“Ohhh shit” he said to himself. His eyes showed his reaction to her last remark.
“Yep” I bet you’re saying something like ‘oh shit’ right?”
He nodded forcing a smile. She winked. She told him it was okay.
“Me Marcus...I too love good sex.”
She unbuttoned her blouse further. He studied her closely. Her eyes studied him closely.
He gulped. He watched. He became more aroused. He was very curious as to what lingerie lie beneath her blouse. She smiled deviously while she watched him watch her intently. She unbuttoned her blouse some more.
What was that underneath? His hands seemed to be grabbing the arms of the chair. It was something black. It was one piece. It was lacy and black. “Oh shit.” It was heaving up her boobs hence creating a vision unto itself. A deep chasm developed beneath whatever that was she wore underneath her blouse. “Oh god... oh shit” he thought as his bulging eyes blinked twice. Her cleavage line was so deep, so thick and luscious it was inconceivable that this woman could be as sexy as she actually was. Marcus began seeing her as one wild woman. He told himself that now he knew for sure he could dive in and nibble on those tits all day long. He was fixated on her inspiring and elevated bosoms. She was majestic. She was amazing. This was going to be amazing!
“I can tell that you love how this looks on me can’t you?”
He nodded. He didn’t speak. His eyes were glued to her upper body. It amazed him that a woman of her stature and her age could possibly be so beautiful, so sexy even.
She pulled the blouse from her skirt. Running her hands strategically across her slender tummy, Margaret closed her eyes. She imagined him holding her close against him. She imagined him without his shirt on. She envisioned him without his pants on. She pictured him pulling her firmly against his powerful frame and feeling something bulging, pressing against the small of her back.
Margaret mumbled sensuous sounds. He watched intently. They were tender sounds. She smiled affectionately. He watched her. Her hands moved gracefully. Her movements were slow. He watched her every movement. She heightened his senses gradually. Marcus realized he was sifting anxiously in the chair. He felt himself stiffening. He felt a tingling in his trousers. He felt the piercing pangs become stronger. Watching continue to caress her body only worsened his feelings. He now found himself wanting to stand up, step towards her, and put his arms around the woman.
His hand moved over his crotch. Her eyes were closed. She did not see him. He heard her utter similar sounds again. Her eyes opened momentarily. She thought she had seen him rubbing his crotch. He was looking away from her. He was looking towards the projection of his hardening cock. Her eyes watched his hands. She smiled.
“Mmmmm Marcus” she asked quietly “is it ready now?”
He looked up. Marcus was surprised he was caught attending to his engorged cock. She asked him again. He nodded. She began slipping off her blouse. His eyes were mesmerized by the sumptuous beauty before him. Her eyes were warm. But her eyes displayed something he couldn’t figure out.
She was ready for it all. Margaret walked around his chair. She whispered something in his ear. He looked up. She heard him take a deep breath. She smiled. Bending over, her hands came to rest on his chest. Slowly they slid down over his muscular pecs. He heard her mumble something.
She felt them. “Mmmmm” he heard her say. Her hands slithered back over them. “Mmmm” she said quietly. They slipped back towards them stopping to toy with them. “Mmmmm ohhhh Marcus, Marcus” she said almost inaudibly. Her index and middle fingers played with the fat limp nipples on his chest. “Ooooohh ohhhh Marcus I’ve never felt anything so... well I can’t imagine how these could be soooo large. Ohhhh wow Marcus ohhhhh” she said emphatically. “Mmmm oooohh” she crooned again.
All logic had left him. Where it was he had no idea. She smelled great. She looked incredible. Her hands felt amazing against his chest. “Ohhhh wow” he said quite loudly.
“Yes... Yes I agree with you. I totally have to agree with you.”
She bent over. She kissed the back of his neck. She whispered in his ear. She told him to do something. He did exactly as she requested. Slowly the blazer came off. She took it from him. One by one he undid a button. She kissed his neck again.
“Mmmmm even you smell terrific” she said. She kissed him again on the neck. His head arched backwards. Her hands careened through his thick wavy hair. “Oooohh I do love your hair Marcus.”
“Keep doing it then” he thought. “Keep running your hands through it. I love that. But I loved when you ran your fingers over my nips too” he thought.
With his shirt unbuttoned, she reached over. Margaret pulled it open. She whispered something else in his ear. “Have you ever felt you needed to cum when a woman, a young lady kisses your chest?”
He shook his head no, telling her no too.
“Well I don’t want you too yet. I want to save that for later.”
He turned to look at her. She wore a distinctive smile. Her desires were on him. He tightened up. Her thoughts were saying “If only you knew Marcus, if only you knew.” He smiled uncomfortably. She walked around in front of him. Her frame seemed taller. She appeared more majestic then before. She seemed more sensuous then earlier. Her thick brushed hairdo was distinguished. Her eyes radiated with desire. Her bosoms lured him inward. Ascending upwards from within that black lace bustier she wore beneath the blouse lived and breathed her redemption.
“Come to me” they called out to Marcus. “Stand and deliver yourself Marcus. Pull me forward. Pull me towards you. Pull me against you” they cried out to him. His eyes locked on to her chest. Her sumptuous majestic boobs with its rupturing cleavage appealing to his every desire had been screaming out his name.
“Yes Marcus that’s it” she said quietly. There was a purpose in her voice. There was life growing in her tone. There was a lost craving for the touch of a man who could provide her with the gratification she had dreamt of for months.
She never cared about his car. She too thought it was a piece of crap. Hearing someone practically destroyed it with a few simple firecrackers was a godsend. “Yes thank you for delivering this young man to me” she finally told herself. An athlete with a history, an athlete with the charm of a public relations director, and an athlete who never backed down along with the sexual drive of a lion was the luckiest thing she could have come across.
Suddenly he looked into her bosoms. All of a sudden he looked into her eyes. Out of no where a smile settled upon his face. A hand came forward. She took the hand. The hand took hers. He lowered her hand, hence her body, to her knees. She went willingly. He was glad. He was horny. She was excited. She wanted him to have her.
“Do you want me” she said softly. Marcus nodded. “I want you too.” Marcus only saw her cresting bosoms. “Take me” she whispered. “I want you to have me” she added.
“I want you too” he thought looking into her deep chasm. It was luxurious. She was opulent. He looked further. She was so wholesome, so slender, and so fit for a woman her age but Margaret was more. “God I’m horny. God you’re sexy. God I need this” he said aloud.
“I do too Marcus. I do too” she said.
Her eyes closed. He reached towards her. He pulled her in. She was amazing. Closer she came. She aroused his every emotion. He began to feel the plush flesh. She heard an unusual sound. Marcus had taken a deep breath of air.
“Ohhh yes Marcus yes” she said under her breath. “Take them, kiss them, kiss me Marcus kiss me all you care too” and he did. He kissed the top of her breasts, the insides of her visible cleavage, and he kissed along the outside of her boobs as well. Louder she became. “Yes ohh yes Marcus yes... that is soooo ohh soooo yes” she began unable to find the right words.
“Mmmmm feel my cock” he pleaded between kisses. She grabbed his crotch. She felt his engorged cresting manhood. She moaned with great pleasure. “Yes oh god yes Margaret... harder squeeze harder” he demanded. She did. He groaned while kissing her tits more passionately.
She pulled his head against her more firmly. “Yes oh that’s more beautiful then anything” she called out. Margaret reached below. She reached beneath her. She unzipped her skirt. He pulled up. He helped pull it off.
His eyes popped out of his head. Her legs, they were as lavish as any girls on campus; better then many girls he’s known. He looked up. His expression said it all. She smiled. She winked. He ran his hands over her thighs. She leaned back. She moaned quietly. His hands felt so nice against her rich flesh.
She pushed his shirt off his shoulders. She knelt straight up. He sat up straight. She gazed upon his healthy chest. She cooed, leaned forward, and began stroking it with her moist fuller lips. He leaned back pulling her with him. She kissed and kissed and kissed it. He uttered all kinds of sounds.
He wanted it off. He wanted his slacks off. He wanted them both naked. He wanted her to suck him off. He wanted to eat her pussy. With or without hair it would not matter. She had his soul and he wasn’t letting her let go of it.
“Do whatever you want” he told her “whatever you want.”
“I will” she came back just as quietly.
He unbuckled his belt. She helped him slide them off. His cock swelled underneath his underwear. She leaned down. She didn’t care. She bit into it regardless that he had them on. She looked up.
She mouthed the words “I want it. I want it now.” He understood. She stood up. She took his hand. She led him towards the expansive divan. Escorting him over, she stopped him and began to slide off his underwear. He stopped her. He wasn’t sure he was ready.
She froze. He watched her react. He whispered something. She looked up. “I would too if I had a huge one like yours Marcus. And if I was a lonely man but you aren’t. You aren’t a man who gets lonely.” He shook his head yes as if he did often get lonely. “Marcus... we must change all that. I’ll change that for you. I promise you I will.”
She loved it that he played with it. She loved the idea he spent time holding his cock, stroking his cock, stroking it until it became hard and erect like she imagined. Masturbating was magical. Jacking off one’s own cock intrigued her. The idea aroused her every emotion.
She wondered what it would look watching a man holding his cock, stroking his cock, and finally jerking it so wildly that it shot cum all over... up in to oblivion. “Yes Marcus I’m going to tell you a secret sometime soon.”
“You masturbate too?”
She nodded adding to the smile on her face, but she had another secret too. “Michael would you do me a favor?” As horny as he was he was willing to do anything. “Close your eyes” she told him. “Close them and listen to the peacefulness around you. Hear me breathing. Hear my breath and then reach inside and hold your... hold your cock for me.”
He closed his eyes, listened to the silence, heard her breathing, and slipped his hand underneath his underwear. “Keep them closed. Tell me what you’re feeling now”
He began to describe the feeling. He tried describing the exhilaration it brought to him. He heard her breathing change. It sped up. It was sharp. He heard her utter superlatives. Her voice fascinated him. Suddenly he groaned. Suddenly he swore. Suddenly she pulled them off. Suddenly she took control.
Marcus opened his eyes. He watched as her stately manicured fingers adroitly handled his erection. He watched her eyes study the beauty of his powerful erection. He felt it throbbing intensely. He wondered if she could feel it in the palm of her hand. It was so intense. He groaned. His back arched. He loved how she handled him. He adored how she handled his cock.
“Ohhh man Jesus Christ that is so wild. This is incredible.”
He opened his eyes. She was leaning over him. Her mouth was about to do something. Her tongue surfaced. It swirled around his shaft. He swore again arching his back.
Margaret was beside herself. It seemed to last forever. Swirling and twirling her tongue up and down and around his thick elongated shaft. His hands gripped the chair. His legs knocked together in succession. He pumped himself forward into her mouth. She gagged. She continued on.
She stopped and gloriousness met its destiny. She began removing her bustier. He watched as the mystical bosoms and erect nipples entered his world for full consumption. Smiling she told him in a quiet voice to feel them, to do as he pleased, and to kiss and suck on them for as long as he wished.
That’s exactly what the young Marcus did.
He pulled at her. He pulled at them. He sucked them. He tried as best he could to swallow her large mature tits. He did everything possible to please himself, to please her.
For Margaret it was salvation. Never had her nerdy husband ever provided her with such lustful satisfaction like Marcus consumed her tits. Never did her husband display the hunger, the thirst which Marcus had towards her boobs. Never did her geeky husband attack her in the sexual manner with which Marcus aggressively advanced on her refreshing bosoms.
Her desires grew stronger. She ached for it all. Knowing too well she would not receive the foreplay she could with an older more experienced gent, she desired only the basics – what he was doing already, what he could do throughout her thighs, licking her cunt, fingering her cunt, and as he might call it, the good old standby of fucking with every ounce of energy she could muster that day.
With her back arching more and more her cries went from inaudible to whispers to calling for him to kiss and suck her thighs, lick her pussy, and finally finger it to commence actually fucking her horny swollen cunt.
But Marcus did something extraordinary. Marcus did something unexpected. He pulled off her panties, he flipped her over, he kissed the backs of her thick bold mature thighs, and he proceeded forward, upward and onward.
Marcus kissed them with pleasure. He sucked them lustfully. He began nibbling each with a consuming fervor. Her ass cheeks were mesmerizing and inviting. Their shape and soundness drew him in. He had to have them. He must have them.
Suddenly she felt something unusual. She popped her head up with surprise. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Was it real? “Ohhh my lord Marcus... ohhh Marcus” she called out. Her eyes bulged. A distant smile settled briefly. “Ooohh Marcus, Marcus” she called out. Her back arched.
His cock slid between her cheeks. She mumbled some soothing appreciation for his uninvited entrance into that locale. “Mmmm... Do that again” she asked excitedly. Please will... you do...ohhh... that again? ”
He did it again. He went deeper. He smiled pleasurably. He hoped she’d enjoy it. She obviously did. He said something to her. She loved the compliment. He told her he loved her butt cheeks. He told her he could bite them off, nibble on them all day, and come back easily for more if she wanted. She smiled forever in her heart. She knew she wanted this young man again. She knew she’d call on him later on. She began to understand many things.
He was good. He was fantastic.
He pulled her up. On all fours she felt him go inside. He propelled it forcefully. She jolted forward. She moaned pleasurably. He thrust himself again. Again she cried out pleasurably. She felt its forcefulness. Her eyes closed. Her desires opened up to the world.
“I love sex” she called out.
“I do too” he told himself. He propelled himself inside her again.
“Ohhhh god I love this” she squealed. It was good. He was good. His cock inside her was good. “Ohhh do it again. Do it more. Don’t stop Marcus” she pleaded.
He smiled. “I won’t. You know I won’t.” She knew. He redeemed himself. He was easily reinstated to the team. He didn’t even think about it. He was having way too much fun with this.
He shoved himself forward quickly. “Ohhhhhhh... ohhhh Marcus yes Marcus yes.”
He loved how her swollen pussy felt against his cock. He was amazed at her willingness, her apparent youthful desire, and how her body begged for more and more. He felt it. He sensed it. He saw it.
She flipped him. She put him on his back. It surprised even him. She wanted it. She wanted badly. She mounted him. Her boobs hung in balance. Her nipples paid attention. Her eyes were full of purpose. Her face showed him what she yearned for.
The disciplinary chancellor gave way to exacting all forms of pleasure possible. There was no discipline that day. All there was that day was adulterated carnal sex. Yes all that day brought for her was a well constructed athlete whose history included various but always mischievous endeavors to sororities or female dorms. It was almost too difficult to keep a running record, but it would not matter.
No it didn’t. That day was hers. That day was his. That day was theirs to share for a lifetime of memories for the remainder of their lives. What he did was minor to what he was doing for her. Ecstasy filled her soul. Desire filled her veins. Lust filled her heart. Nothing would stop her now. Nothing whatsoever could stop her now.
Her eyes closed as she slipped down over the throbbing erection. His eyes closed feeling the warmth and the wetness encompassing his cock. He groaned. She moaned. He reached up. She sensed his hands. Together they placed them against her swollen tits.
“Ohhh lord that feels great” she cried out. He had squeezed them. She loved how passionately he pulled at them. He felt them. He squeezed again. He loved them.
“Yes they do” he agreed. “Oh god... Ohhh man yes they do.”
She smiled. She moaned. She breathed deeply. She rose up. She moaned louder. She dropped quickly. She squealed again only louder. He pushed against her, they moved in unison, they fucked harder, and her tits danced with delight.
“Wow your tits are incredible” he told her.
“So are you Marcus... ohh ohhh” she cried out suddenly. “Ahhh ahhhh ohh ohhh yes thank you Marcus thank you. Ahhh ohhh ahhhh ahhh ohhh yes, yes that’s sooo....”
He turned her sideways. He slid in behind her. He shoved his cock in and she began squealing, screaming. She was close. He could tell. He knew she was close to climaxing.
“Cum bitch cum” he whispered. He reached in. He grabbed her tits again. She didn’t mind being called a bitch. “That’s it baby ohh yeah harder, harder baby yeah.”
She clawed the divan. Holding on with dear life and praying for a quick climatic conclusion, Margaret squealed and screamed joyously. She loved his body against her. She loved his cock pounding her pussy. She loved his adventurous nature. She loved it all.
She wanted to tell him her secret. There would be time.
“Ohhhh god yes Marcus” and she flipped on her backside.
She wanted it the old fashion way. He entered one last time. He banged and bruised her up. Squealing, moaning, and calling out the others name enjoyably these two unlikely individuals fulfilled the others dreams.
“Pull out now... now” she demanded and suddenly he saw something so wild he couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Oh wow... damn... geez ohh... shit” he exclaimed.
She climaxed. She screamed a gratifying scream. Her pussy started shooting it out. Like a fire hydrant it gushed out quickly. It was amazing. It was defining. There he stood untapped, but he brought one of the schools top administrative personnel to a joyous fulfilling conclusion, and Marcus would forever be in her good graces.
He watched as she gushed. She smiled and occasionally winced. He brought her happiness that day. She wanted him. She wanted his body. She needed comfort, but knew deep inside he was only a tool. Tools don’t receive the love humans and dogs receive. No unfortunately they don’t.
But for Marcus, he was proud. He did himself proud. He did her proud. He did his university proud. But he looked down. Unspent, still erect, he was still unsatisfied
“Come here.”
He lowered himself against her warm bosoms. They felt nice. He heard her moan gently. She whispered something to him. He sat up. He couldn’t believe his ears. She nodded confirming what she had said.
“No way” he replied.
Smiling she nodded again. “Do you like that fact? ” He wasn’t sure he did. “Oh come on now Marcus, think of all the opportunities you could have. Me, you together like this? Your cock slapping my tits, your cock testing the waters of my ass, ” and she winked playfully “and you and I doing the same things we did here today. And all you have to do is slip out some nights, walk through those woods, and when you see the pool lights on you can come on in.”
“Really” he asked. “You mean it? You live right behind us... through the woods?” She nodded a third time. “Ohh god” he responded. He looked down at his hard cock. She kept him horny and hard.
She watched him. She looked down at it. “Jack off and cum on me will you honey?” She touched it. “Mmmm please” she begged. He grabbed it. It didn’t take long. She was a vision of loveliness. Her tits were inspiring. Her figure was flawless for her age.
Her eyes were enticing. Everything seemed enticing. He closed his eyes. He was closer and closer. His back arched. He felt himself at the pinnacle of exploding.
Suddenly she squealed excitedly. It shot towards her. It splashed in her face. It splashed against her lips. She quickly opened her mouth. It splashed against her tongue. It unloaded forcefully. She continued squealing hungrily.
Life was not only good that day... it was incredible. Wiping herself off she sat up and smiled. Whispering to him she told him he was reinstated.
“Well I hope so” he joked. “For all I just did, we just did, you’d think I would be.”
She smiled, winked, and leaned forward. “You come over next week after practice, after you’re done studying... we’ll do something like this again. Oh and I’m going to introduce you to some one too.”
He dressed and walked out a happy man.
She drew a warm bath and lay down recalling the moments she spent fucking him.

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