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The Day They Turned Me Into A Slut - Part 2

The Day They Turned me into a Slut - Part 2

By Lisa - Oct 31, 2009 - From group- sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 34618 The day they turned me into a slut – part 2I'm continuing with my story, as I noticed that writing down what happened to me more than a year ago (see the first part of my story), has helped me a lot in dealing with my situation..This is a true story about my life, read it if you like, leave it if you don't.Since all this happened more than a year ago, I was not able to lead a normal life..I tried everything to be a good contribution to the society, I had a job, an apartment, tried to behave like a good girl.I hated my job, it was boring.. the people were boring, and I am not the person that fits in the “business society” where people act nice but stab you in your back when you turn around once. If I have a problem with someone, I tell him, and I want others to do that to me too!So I did not make friends in the job and going to work was a real pain for me..The rare bright moments in life I had when doing sports.. sometimes it felt like running for life when I went jogging, and I also did Thai boxing again.. the club I went to was very tough but it was fun and I loved doing it..I had a few relations, with normal decent guys, but always after some days I got bored – or afraid? - and left them, or they left me...Sex with these guys was not the way I preferred it..It was slow, tender.. but I love it hard, fast and often – this was too much for them..I still felt attracted by the “bad guys” and the “dark side” of life, but I tried to avoid it whenever possible..And I still had the need to do drugs, but I tried to avoid this too.. but I drank way too much alcohol..It was one of these days again.. I had difficulties in job with one of the managers.. This guy is the type of man I really dislike. He is quite young, not very tall, but he seemed to workout often and is always wearing tailored suits. He looks like he lives in a solarium and has this absolutely greasy haircut.Nonetheless he thinks he is the pride of creation and acts like an absolute asshole.He often tried to make advances to me, but without words I always let him know what I think about him. This seemed to make him angry. On this day I made a minor mistake and this guy started to affront me in front of all other colleagues, shouting how stupid I was and that I'm no good for this company.He told me to fix my mistake and report in his office immediately afterwards.I think everyone knows how I felt then. I corrected my mistake and went to his office trying not to think anything..In there he shouted at me again, that I am always making mistakes – which is not true! and that he will fire me unless..“Yes? “ I said?“There is something you can do that will save your job!”“Yes? “ I was curious! I did not care about the job, but I wanted to know what comes next.He closed the office door and walked towards me.Then he opened his trousers, let them drop to the floor and started to rub his dick.“On your knees and suck it!”Imagine this situation: there is this greasy guy – with his trousers down, ordering me to give him a blow job.I could not help it but I had to laugh – the whole situation was just too unreal.He stared at me, not knowing what to think, and then he slapped me in my face.In return I punched him in his face, and he fell down screaming..Soon people hearing the noise came running, opened the door and stared at us. The guy still with his trousers down, was lying on the floor, holding his bleeding nose.I did not want to talk to anyone about what happened, as they will say I'm the one guilty anyway, so I just packed my things and left the office while everyone was just staring at me.I knew that I will never ever return there..It was early evening and I was walking through the city, not knowing what to do now..I felt alone.. I had no real friends since the thing with Alex happened, and there was no one I could talk to now..I went into the next pub and had something to drink..I think I was sitting there for hours, thinking.. thinking about my fucked up life, thinking about how to pay the rent..I had not been to this pub before and I did not care about the other people, but there were two guys with a girl, that looked at me all the time.. Soon they came up and asked if they could join..I did not mind.. everything was better than me meditating on my life.They said they noticed that I was not in the best mood and they want to cheer me up.I don't know how they did it, but they really did!It was fun to talk to them, and I enjoyed it as they were really nice and entertaining!I was already a little drunk, and the jokes they made were getting dirtier, but I liked it.Somehow we talked about what I could do for a living, now that it seemed that I have lost my job, and Sam (one of the guys name) mentioned I should do a model job, or even better: porn movies!He said he knew a producer that is always interested in new girls, he could call him right now and ask if he's interested.“Yes sure” I said, and I thought he was just making a joke...Sam stood up to make a call, and Jen, the girl that was with them told me, that she already had done some movies for this producer and that working with him was always a pleasure!I already have been filmed while having sex and I remember I liked it, but this was more than a year ago, and it wasn't a professional movie..I really thought this was a joke, but when Sam returned and said, that we could visit the producer right away if I want to, I realized they were serious.I hesitated for a second, but I didn't have anything to loose and the guys did not look like they would do me harm, so I said: “OK, let's go!”We arrived at the house of the producer, and when walking inside I was blinded by spot lights that were installed everywhere. I could see that there were cameras standing around and it looked really professional. Peter, the producer, was a nice guy, a little older, but friendly. Some other people were also there, I met the people in charge of camera, makeup and even some actors.Days later I realized that one of the girls actually was Renee Pornero, one of the famous porn-stars in this country!They were all very friendly, and Peter and me sat on a couch, he offered me a drink and something to smoke. I became very relaxed from the weed and we talked about the job and if I could imagine doing it. He told me a lot about the company, how the shootings are, what he expects from the actors and so on..His films seem to be little different than “normal” porn movies, because he prefers to film group scenes and anal scenes which are more tough than usual.If I were still interested, I could watch a shooting, and try it by myself afterwards.I was curious I especially liked the word “tough” and said yes. We went to a room where cameras were already positioned and the next hour I was watching the making of a porn movie.. A well built man, and a cute black haired woman were fucking like they had never done anything else before and the whole situation turned me on like hell. They did every possible position and they really looked like they had a lot of fun. I was nervous as I really wanted to try it too, and I had another drink and some more weed to relax. The whole situation was very new to me.I watched porn movies before, and I watched people having sex before, but this was different this time.They did the final shot now – the girl was sucking the guys dick, getting faster until he shot his cum all over her face and she eagerly swallowed every drop she could get.God I was really looking forward to have a cock in my mouth again and I must have been very wet then..I was next. I had to take a shower plus an anal shower, and then they led me to a different room with a couch placed in the middle of it, with cameras positioned around. I was so nervous!There were two guys at the cameras, Peter the producer, and a girl watching the recordings.Peter was nice, he said I should just have fun and show everyone how much I like what happens. Jen, the girl I met in the bar entered the room and Peter said to her she should do a warm up for me. The cameras started rolling..I was sitting on the couch in a bathrobe, Jen sat next to me fully dressed and she started kissing me..It wasn't the first time I kissed a girl and I enjoyed her kisses and her tongue that was playing with mine. She put a hand under the bathrobe on my leg and started to move higher, still kissing me deeply. I could see that she wasn't doing this for the first time!When her fingers finally reached my pussy I moaned with delight.. Her fingers found the right spot and slowly massaged my clit, and entered my pussy. It was a long time since I had sex with a girl, but at this moment I swore to myself to do it more often again.I was totally wet now and she removed her fingers from my pussy and seductively sucked my juices off them, telling me how good I tasted.I was not thinking of the cameras at all, I just wanted to have sex now. A lot!Jen removed my bathrobe, I was sitting there com completely naked, and she got down on her knees in front of me and spread my legs. Thank god I always keep my hair down there always neatly trimmed, just a tiny strip is left above my pussy. She spread my legs wide, and parted my pussy lips showing them to the camera that was coming close now. A guy was coming into the room, removing his bathrobe, but I did not really notice him as Jen was now slowly licking my clit. She was playing with it, her tongue soft and warm, the next second firm and fast, putting two fingers in my pussy while massaging my anus with her thumb. Jen was an absolute professional in satisfying women and it wasn't long until I had my first climax!She kept sucking hard, her face was wet with my juices, but she had no intent to stop.I looked up and saw the guy that had entered the room. He was standing there stroking his cock. It was big and uncut, and I was turned on by the strength he used to massage his manhood.“Come here and let me suck your cock!” I heard me saying. I was so horny I just couldn't think right, I was just following my sexual drive.The guy came to the side of the couch, grabbed my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth.It was not fully erect but I loved sucking it. I sucked hungrily feeling his cock get hard in my mouth. I deepthroated it which was hard at the beginning because it was almost too thick for me.He held my head tight and he began to fuck my mouth. Jen was still busy playing with my pussy putting her tongue deep inside me, fucking me with it. I loved the feeling of being sucked and sucking at the same time!I began to massage the guys balls and kept sucking, sometimes pushing his cock deep down my throat. He seemed to like it very much, maybe too much as he said that I should stop now, it is too early for him to come. But I did not care, I wanted him, I wanted his cum, I wanted to taste it, have it all over me.He tried to withdraw his cock from my mouth but I held his balls tight, pushing his cock even deeper in my mouth. I felt his flesh pulsating, getting harder and thicker until I finally felt him shooting his load down the back of my throat. Once, twice, then I pulled him out of my mouth and stroked him so I could see him cum. Three more loads of cum landed on my face and I loved the feeling of his warm juices running down my cheeks and chin. I sucked his cock again, trying to get every single drop out of it, tasting it. I continued to stroke his cock, playing with the cum on my face, putting it in my mouth, showing him how much I loved what he gave me as I know how much this turns on a man.Suddenly I realized, that a camera was near my face, having recorded everything very closely. I could not help then but just smile at the camera!I heard the producer say: “Very good girl, you're a natural talent! But you have to work on your timing! Let's see how far you can go!”Then he said something to his assistant and she hurried out of the room.Meanwhile Jen had begun to slowly fuck me with her fingers, getting faster. She pushed my legs up wide presenting my pussy to everyone around. I held my legs up and with her other hand Jen began massaging my anus and when she entered one finger in my ass I could not help but to scream with lust. I did not mind people watching me. On the contrary, it turned me on even more!Two more men entered the set, smiling. They came to us, opened their trousers and pulled their dicks out. One guy approached Jen, while the other one held me his cock in my face. Happy that this wasn't over yet, I grabbed his cock and began stroking it. It was a beautiful cock, not that thick, but still quite big. The guy was huge, very muscular and after he undressed I could see the tattoos his full body was covered with. This is the type of guy I like!While stroking his cock I began to lick and suck his balls as good as possible. It seemed to have the right impact, his cock got hard, and I could not help it than playing with my tongue on his tasty cock. I began to suck it slowly, careful not to hurry so the producer is satisfied.This guy seemed to be different.. It was too slow for him and he forcefully pushed his cock in my mouth, down my throat. I was surprised for a second, and he pushed hard again, pulling my head close, so my nose was tightly buried in his belly and I couldn't breath for some seconds.I get turned on by men that use me while having sex, as they know what they want, and they just take it. So I was fucked in my mouth hard by this guy while getting wetter and wetter.With a side glance I could see that Jen had undressed and was kneeling beside the other guy that was now lying on the floor. Her ass was in my direction and her head was going up and down and he had his hand between her legs, two fingers in her shaved pussy, one in her ass, moving in and out steady and fast.My guy suddenly stopped and turned me around. I was ordered to lie on my back with my head hanging down from the couch. He knelt in front of me and started to fuck my mouth again.This time he could go much deeper, and he moved like he he fucked some pussy, his balls smacking against my forehead.My throat began to hurt, but the pain turned me on even more. I squeezed my breasts hard, adding some more pain. I have pierced nipples and pulling them always adds some extra pleasure.After some minutes he turned me around again. I was now lying on my back, facing him.He took my legs, pulled them up almost to my ears, leaning forward on them and rammed his cock in my pussy. I was totally wet so he had no problem entering and then he began to fuck me deep, hard and fast. I enjoyed every second of it and wished he would never stop. His cock had the perfect size! I could see a camera-man zooming in on my pussy. It must have been a perfect view, as I presented my pussy and ass to everyone and I could feel my juices running down my buns.I looked at Jen again. She was on the floor on her knees and was fucked from behind. She obviously enjoyed it as she moaned with pleasure, and she looked at me with an impish smile.My guy continued to fuck me. He was wonderful in doing that. Steady and hard he pushed his cock inside me. I was in heaven and I wished he would never stop. He was know kneeling over me. Me with my legs still up to my head. I could feel my next orgasm coming..“Jen, prepare her for anal” the producer said. I did not know what would happen next, but I could see Jen moving closer and then I could feel her tongue on my anus. She slowly licked around it, sucking up the juices flowing down from my pussy while we both were fucked. Her tongue then started to enter my ass and when she was fucked hard from behind, her tongue entered deeper.This made me cum immediately. I moaned and screamed and I felt my juices flowing again while the guy continued to fuck me, and Jen kept pushing her tongue into my ass.I do not remember climaxing this hard ever before!I could see the first guy standing on the side still naked. “Let me suck you again, please!!” I said. He came over, and knelt on my face with his balls bouncing on my nose. I opened my mouth and he began to play with his dick on my mouth and lips. It was still limp but I began to suck it again. I could taste the cum he gave me before. He held my legs up, so the other guy could continue to fuck me more easy and while holding he sucked my toes and feet, and I could feel in my mouth that this was an absolute turn on for him!Meanwhile Jen was massaging my anus with her fingers. Now and then entering a finger or two. Making them wet all the time. She used more and more fingers, fucking my ass with her hand and tongue.It was a wonderful feeling having a dick in my mouth and pussy and a girl's fingers in my ass!Then she stopped, pulled the cock out of my pussy, twisted her head and began sucking the cock that has been in me before. She sucked him hard, making his cock even more wet and then she pointed the head of his cock to my anus. Slowly he entered my ass. I spread my cheeks so he could enter more easily. Deeper and deeper he pushed his hard cock in me. Withdrawing it again, showing my wide open ass to the camera. Jen sucked him and then he pushed his dick inside my ass again.He repeated this for 3 or 4 times, always letting Jen suck him in between. I was so wet inside now, there was no need for lubricants! Now he started to fuck me in my ass like he did with my pussy.. deep, hard and steady.I love the feeling of having a cock in my ass, and I think everyone in the room saw how much I enjoyed that. I saw Jen now climbing on top of the third guy, putting his dick inside her ass too. She slowly lowered down on him, and I could see how much she enjoyed it when the full length of his dick was inside her. Moving up and down faster now she was definitely enjoying her ride.I couldn't concentrate on the guy whose dick I had in my mouth, I was moaning with lust.So he went over to Jen, and she started to eagerly suck his now hard cock.My guy continued to fuck me hard. With every push he pressed my hard against the couch. Harder and faster he shoved his cock in my ass. Then he stopped, withdrew his cock, came up to my face and pushed his cock in my mouth. I saw a camera closing in on my face, another one zooming in on my wide open ass as I still had my feet up to the ears! I desperately sucked his cock and he pushed it deep into my mouth. I loved the feeling of being a dirty slut that sucks a fat cock that has been in my ass before. It turned me on even more.“Sit on his cock now”, Peter the producer said.So my guy turned around and lay on his back, with this gorgeous cock standing up in the air.I perched myself on him and slowly let his cock slide in my ass, deeper and deeper until I fully sat on him. It hurt a little as he had a long cock, but I enjoyed it! Cameras came close again between my legs, filming his cock sliding in and out of me as I started to move up and down slowly in the beginning, getting faster and wilder.I could see Jen, she was sitting on one guys cock, bent over, while the other guy fucked her ass.The guy she was sitting on seemed to be coming soon and he fucked her faster and harder making her scream with a mixture of lust and pain.This scene made me so horny I rubbed my clit like a maniac and I was all sweaty and heated up, but I wished this would never end.My legs became weak and I couldn't continue fucking.. I sat on the guys cock, watching Jen being fucked. It wasn't long until the guy she sat on began to moan like an animal and then he pumped his cum into her pussy. It looked like he filled her up with gallons of his juice, while the other guy continued to fuck her in the ass.“Lick her pussy Lisa” Peter commanded. He did not have to say that twice!The guy that just came in Jen stood up and left. I went over to her and lay on my back in a 69 position with my face right under her pussy. I took her pussy into my mouth – as much as I could – and sucked her desperately. I will never forget this flavor. This sweet - and at the same time hot from being fucked – pulsating pussy, mixed with cum that started to flow out of her. The other guy was still fucking Jens ass and because of his movements her clit slided along my lips in a constant motion. She tasted so fine and I tried to put my tongue inside her as deep as I could which caused more cum to flow out of her onto my face and down my throat. I had a fantastic view from lying under Jen – this cock sliding in and out of her ass just one or two inches from my face. I could see the veins pulsating on his cock, and her anus contracting when he pulled the cock out so the camera could do a closeup of this gaping hole. He fucked her hard, ramming his dick into her. I continued sucking her as good as I could and she definitely liked it, as her body started to shiver all over and I could hear her moaning loud. The guy I sat on before now came over and told Jen to suck him off. I could hear the slurping sounds and moans coming from that direction. I tried to watch them but I could barely move trapped under Jens body so I continued to suck her and fuck her with my tongue, still watching closely the cock sliding in and out of her ass. Jen moved my legs up positioning them under her arms so I was trapped even more with my butt lifted a little. I could feel a cock entering my ass again. This time it wasn't slow but fast and hard. Three times he rammed his cock in my ass and then he withdrew it again and I could hear Jen sucking him again. Then again he fucked me three times and let her suck his dick again. This continued for some more minutes, making my ass dripping from Jens saliva.Meanwhile the guy fucking Jen continued like a machine. Both camera guys were closing in on our asses, recording every little detail and zooming in on our holes. Their pace became quicker now. The place was filled with heavy breathing and loud moaning. I felt so good, I absolutely loved what I was doing – having dirty sex like a wild animal – that's what I felt like at this moment. I could only feel but not think anymore.The guys continued to fuck harder and faster. Jen continued to suck the guy when he withdrew from my ass, then he entered me again. I felt his cock become even thicker and harder – he sure would come soon. Peter told us we should come to an end with that scene and that's what the two guys have waited for. They both started to fuck us like crazy, fast and as hard as they possibly could. I was close to climaxing again. I could hear them moan loud and they almost came at the same time.The guy that fucked Jen pulled his cock out of her just a little so the camera could film him shooting his cum into her open ass, some drops landed on my face, and then he pushed his cock into her again, squirting more semen into her.Unfortunately the other guy withdrew from my ass and it sounded like he was coming inside Jens mouth – I could hear her sucking and swallowing. I was a little disappointed to receive no cum this time but I was still horny as hell. I waited until the guy fucking Jen withdrew his cock from her and moved up a little so I could reach her ass and started sucking every little bit of cum out of her. Jen spread her cheeks so I could enter deeper and I pushed my tongue into her as deep as I could and enjoyed every drop of it. Peter told the cameramen to film that closely as I continued to eagerly suck the cum out of her ass until I finally had managed to suck her dry.I felt exhausted but I think I could have continued for hours. The cameras stopped. I was lying on the floor still licking my lips when Peter told me that he had never seen a girl behaving that dirty and slutty in her first scene and that he was sure that I must have done that often before.It was the first time I felt flattered by being called dirty and slutty!The crew was packing their stuff now, the male actors headed for the shower. Jen was still next to me, she was also quite exhausted, but she took my head and kissed me softly on my lips. She said that she enjoyed working with me very much and that she usually has no orgasm on the set...I didn't know what to say..Then we also headed for the showers.After showering I had a talk with Peter again.He said that he absolutely wanted to do movies with me, told me about how much I would earn and how to continue in case I was interested. I said I had to think about it but also that I enjoyed it very much! I did not want to see the recordings they made, I don't know why but I think it would be a little odd to see me fucking like a whore in front of a camera.I said I would call him sometime in the next days..On my way out I met Jen again and we decided to talk a little more on our way home. Actually we ended spending the rest of the night together at her place and Jen is now my very best friend – I love her very much! The story happened almost two months ago now and I haven't worked on a set since that.As I needed money real quick at that time, I decided to start working for an escort agency, which makes me an ordinary whore I guess... Anyway I'm not going to do that for a long time. It's fun sometimes, but not always..maybe I should write another story about my job someday, or maybe you will see me in a movie soon.. ;-)you can contact me if you like:lisa(dot)swenstrom(at)gmail(dot)com

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