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The Artist

By - Sep 8, 2008 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 12304 I'm 19 teen and she is 18. We go to the same school. I am a junior and she is a sophomore. Her mom is the schools art teacher. After school one day, we were talking and her mom walked out of the room for a teachers meeting. We knew that these meeting took a while, so we could do what ever we want. She wanted to change into something more com comfortable. I thought she was going to the bathroom, but she started to change right in front of me. She pulled off her shirt and revealed her D-sized breast. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I started to get hard and also started to blush. She didn’t notice and took off her school skirt. She had on a tight pink pair of booty shorts. By this time I was rock hard. She then took off her bra and shorts. She was in nothing but a white thong. She had small pink nipples that drove me crazy. Then she through on her sports bra, athletic shorts and a black T-shirt We were in the same Spanish class and I pulled out our homework and asked her for help. She came and sat next to me and we started to do work. She mispronounced something and I laughed. She smacked my upper thigh and just looked. I still had a little bit of a boner, and I noticed that she was getting horny. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she felt my dick and wanted to see it. I blushed and we both laughed. I said sure, stood up and pulled down my pants. When she saw it, her eyes opened. She took it in her hand and started to play with it. She then started to jerk it faster and faster until I came all over her face and shirt. She looked so sexy with my cum all over her beautiful face. She went to the bath room to clean her self up. She came back and had a white stain on her shirt. I said it would be bad if her mother saw the stain so she through off her shirt and gave the shirt to me and I gave her my under shirt The next week went by and we just smiled at each other in the hallway. The next Monday, I was talking to her mom and she said she had to meetings and that her daughter was going to be up hear by herself. This gave me an idea. We talked after school and she wanted to give me another hand job. I suggested that if she wanted to have sex with me and she laughed and just nodded. After school we met up when her mom left and we started kissing. I slipped my hand up her shirt and massaged her breast. Her nipple was rock hard. We closed and locked the door and undressed each other. She looked so beautiful with no clothes that I almost came then and there. We started to make out some more. She then said that she wanted me in her now. I put my 7 inch cock in her bald, wet pussy. She was so tight that I could barely fit in. I felt her cum a little and I could feel her boobs jiggling on my chest. After 10 minutes I pulled out and came on her breast. She took her finger, picked up my cum and ate every drop. She said that she will talk to me tonight and we both went off Later that night, we were talking on the internet and she said that I was amazing.

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